The Little Things

  |   Wedding Planning Ideas

With all the stress planning your dream wedding, you might actually be forgetting a few things! Be sure to not forget these forgettable tasks and questions:

  • Transportation- How will you and your partner be getting to the reception? Your guests? Your wedding party? Sometimes this is easily overlooked, however it is very important. Some choose the classic limo, some choose buses, maybe even motorcycles- it is completely up to you!
  • Lifting the Veil-Who is going to lift your veil and when? This is a very important and traditional part of any wedding and there are two typical answers. Either your partner or your father usually lift the veil and it is done when you and your father reach the altar (or wherever!).
  • Choosing Sides- What side do you stand on and what side should your partner stand on? To answer that question, the bride typically stands on the left. At some weddings the guests follow this rule as well with the bride‚Äôs family on the left side and vice versa.
  • Sealed With A Kiss- Lastly but certainly not least-the kiss! There is not too much to say about this except keep it PG! Even if there are no children there, your family will not enjoy anything more than that. Keep it sweet and simple!