The Log Cabin – Holyoke MA – Corporate Party – Event Up-Lighting

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We did our first holiday season corporate party at The Log Cabin in Holyoke MA this past weekend.   I wanted to show you a great photo we took there of the room.

The significance of this photo is – we brought 4 of our 3W LED up-lights to this event (for full room up-lighting, we typically bring in 16 of these fixtures).  Our 4 lights are directly behind the DJ set-up.  If you look off to the left – you will see a few low wattage LEDs that the facility put up as part of their holiday decorations.   When people ask us if our 3w High output LEDs are different than other lighting company’s lights – this is a great photo to show the difference.  Notice the color saturation in our lights v. the washed out look of the holiday LEDs. When you are shopping around for a lighting company for your wedding – be sure to ask what size or what output LED fixtures they use (we have 10,000 LUX output fixtures).

By the way – this corporate party ROCKED!  What a great crowd.

Oh, yeah – and our lights change colors via WIRELESS DMX the entire night.