The People Pleaser Bride

  |   Wedding Planning Ideas

One thing that will never leave a bride’s mind throughout the wedding process is the happiness of her guests. From making sure the bridesmaids are happy with their dresses to making sure the guests are pleased with the food, a bride’s happiness can get lost in the process. It is important for the bride and groom to make sure all of the people involved are happy, but not to the point where they are unhappy themselves. In the end, it is their day and they need to do what they feel is right. Here are some tips to help you please your guests without displeasing yourself:

1.      Your Bridesmaids Hate Their Dresses- You can try to compromise with them. If they love the color you chose but not the dress, maybe suggest a different style. If they are willing to be reasonable, compromise will always work. If your bridesmaid wants to steal the show and take control, then it’s time to tell them it’s your day and they’re wearing your dress choice.
2.      Your Guests Are Picky Eaters- Having multiple meal choices is always an important part of a wedding. You cannot expect all of your guests to enjoy the same types of food. Make sure your favorite meal is one of the choices still, but also provide some alternatives so everyone is happy.
3.      Satisfying the Age Range- It is bound to happen that your guests will vary greatly in age from flower girls to great grandparents. Keep in mind that every age group has their own musical taste. Be sure to tell the DJ to play more family friendly songs until your younger and older guests leave, then you can get the party started.