Things You Can Learn From “Four Weddings” To Make Your Wedding Day Memorable

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Things You Can Learn From “Four Weddings”: Have you ever watched that reality TV show called “Four Weddings” on TLC?  If you watch enough of them, you really can get a sense of what is important and what is not at a wedding.  Having a bigger budget is not always the way to guarantee a bride wins the honeymoon.  Spending your wedding budget wisely and paying attention to the flow of the day is really what makes a wedding GREAT. 

 Here are some of my observations from watching this wedding TV show. 

 The Ceremony:

  • Make sure everyone can hear you exchange your vows- watch out for distracting surroundings and have someone professionally microphone the ceremony.
  • Keep it short – but not too short (15-30 minutes)
  • Make it personal – no one wants to hear a generic exchange of “I Do’s”
  • Be on time.  If you are late starting the ceremony – it will impact your entire day’s plans.
  • Dress up your ceremony site – give it that “wow” factor
  • Having your ceremony outside?   Have backup plans in case of bad weather.  Do not chance it – if there is a chance of rain – just fall back to your rain plans.  The same goes for high temperatures, low temperatures, extreme humidity and wind.  Do not chance it.  Plan around it.
  • No one likes random people watching the ceremony- keep it private

COCKTAILS – Things You Can Learn From “Four Weddings”

The Cocktail Hour:

  • People love a change in scenery between the ceremony, cocktails and dinner.
  • Make sure you have enough space – do not overcrowd your guests.
  • Give your guests places to sit and relax
  • Verify that there will be enough bartenders on duty. (1 for every 50 guests)
  • Keep it upbeat and entertaining – set the tone for the rest of the event during your cocktail hour.
  • Food.  Food.  Food. Make sure there is enough for your guests and give them more choice than just cheese and crackers

 The Venue and Meal:

  • Give your guests options for meal choice.
  • Most people hate buffet lines – but “station meals” are OK
  • Do not drag out the meal and bore your guests.
  • Keep toasts SHORT as to not impact dancing time.  Try to have them completed by end of dinner.
  • Older guests can be volume conscious – keep volume appropriate so people can talk and mingle. 
  • Air conditioning should be set so room is cool enough so people can dance without passing out due to heatstroke. 
  • Make your event flow – your entertainment and wedding planners can help you with this.  Do not listen to your venue – they are concerned with food service and not the flow of your party.
  • Pay attention to “reception aerobics” – you do not want your guests standing up, going over here then back to their seats then standing back up, etc.    Make activities make sense.
  • Ever been to an event where there were lines for the bathrooms?   You should plan for about 1 stall for every 25 guests.

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DANCING: Things You Can Learn From “Four Weddings”


  • No one wants to wait 3 or 4 hours before dancing starts.
  • Pace the festivities so you do not bore guests and you do not do everything all in one lump (people only have about a 10-minute attention span)
  • Personalize your entertainment and be involved
  • No one likes it when the bride and groom are missing during the reception – keep group photos to a minimum during this time
  • Once the dancing starts – do not interrupt it – not for speeches or dessert stations
  • Dim the lights and set the mood for dancing
  • Create memorable moments with your entertainment (special send-off, flash mob, highlight friends with special songs)
  • Everyone loves a photo booth
  • Nothing kills the party mood like a bad DJ

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