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Unique Wedding DJs Near Me:  No one wants a cookie-cutter wedding DJ for their reception.  I am sure you have been to weddings where the DJ just made you cringe every time they got on the microphone.  Maybe it was the three slow dances played in a row that killed the party or maybe it was when that cheesy wedding DJ got out on the dance floor and started teaching the Macarena that put you over the edge.  Either way – for your wedding you want something unique from your wedding DJ.

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Maybe you made a list of no-play songs that you want them to adhere to such as the most banned songs at weddings:


  1. Brick House – The Commodores
  2. Shout – Otis Redding
  3. Old Time Rock & Roll – Bob Seger
  4. Mony Mony – Billy Idol
  5. We Are Family – Sister Sledge
  6. Celebration – Kool & The Gang
  7. Dancing Queen – Abba
  8. Happy – Pharrell
  9. Love Shack – B52s
  10. Line Dances / Country Music

What songs or styles of music do you want to ban at your wedding?

Hear What A Unique Wedding DJ Might Sound Like At Your Wedding

Afraid no one will dance at your wedding?  Or that your wedding will be AVERAGE?

Whether you are a foodie, hipster couple or off-beat-bride – dancing is so important to you and you want your wedding to be a unique reflection of your personalities.
See what our past clients have to say:  “Worth every penny spent!! Our guests had a blast!!! Rob kept the music flowing from one song to another”

So many couples are afraid no one will dance at their wedding. We want you and your guests to be up and dancing – not sitting and being bored. You will get guaranteed more dance time with one of our DJs. I am going to make sure everything we do and play reflects your personality and not some canned DJ routine (ie – chicken dance). You are going to have an amazing time, no cheesy DJ antics here.

Now let’s create some extraordinary memories.

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Finding Those Unique Wedding DJs Near Me

How can you find a unique (and not cliche) wedding DJ near you?  Here are some helpful ways to distinguish (and hire) the perfectly unique wedding DJ for your celebration.

  1. Hear them before you book them.  Now, I’m not suggesting that you play “wedding crasher” and start stalking wedding venues near you.  A skilled wedding DJ won’t be playing at your local pub or doing bar trivia or hosting karaoke night at a local bar.  They are going to need to provide you with audio or video footage of their past work.  If your wedding DJ is not a NJ style party motivator (and out on the dance floor teaching line dances) then audio clips of their work should suffice.

    You will want to hear them make announcements or do a live wedding introductions (not just an edited video promo) so you can see if they are the right style and voice for the two of you.  You will also need to hear them mix a dance set of music.  You would be surprised that MOST DJs are not very good at mixing between songs.  We refer to them as “bedroom DJs” – they think they are DJs but they really can’t keep a dance floor energized.  Who wants an empty dance floor at their wedding?  You will want to see if they can transition from song to song seamlessly without gaps or an awkward train wreck sound as the two songs transition.  A great wedding DJ can build energy on your dance floor by using their mixing skills.  A bad wedding DJ will just flounder as your dance floor clears.
  2. Ask if they play the same music at every wedding.  Do they play the same playlist for everyone’s cocktail and dinner or are they willing to mix it up and play your provided Spotify playlist or create something unique based on your musical style?

    We’ve had clients that wanted to create a cocktail mix based on their favorite restaurant, TV show or concerts that they’ve attended together.  What feel do you want for your social hour or dinner?  A great (and unique) wedding DJ will use cocktails and dinner to warm up your guests for dancing.  Heck, it might just spontaneously break into dancing between courses if they really know what they are doing.  A unique DJ might even suggest that you mix it up with different style of music between social and dinner to keep your guests entertained.
  3. What makes you unique?  Ask your potential wedding DJ exactly that question.  Maybe they specialize in Portuguese (or other nationality weddings) weddings?  Do they mix in and out of songs every minute v. letting the song play to the end every time?  Maybe they are more low-key or they speak Spanish?  What is important to you?  What do you vibe with?  Maybe they have a great sense of humor or they are really into the style music that the two of you like?

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What makes a Rob Alberti’s Wedding DJ Unique?

  • We have more experience.  We do literally 100’s of weddings each year from The Berkshires to Boston and from the CT Shoreline to Southern VT.  We’ve been at this for over 25 years now and no one has more experience with our brand of personalized weddings.  We literally do it every weekend.
  • We have a team of DJs that Rob has trained personally in his likeness.  No cheesy DJ antics.  No talking between every song.  No corny jokes.  Just great music personalized to each of our clients in a professional and non-intrusive way.  Our team of DJs allows us to match both your style and budget with one of our skilled DJs.  We train and cross-train each year making sure that our skills are honed and to make sure that you and your guests have an amazing time at your wedding.  We are in the business of making dreams come true.
  • We have been entrusted by more celebrities and have done more million-dollar mansion weddings in the area than any other wedding DJ in the area. We treat every one of our clients like they are celebrities.
  • We offer the convenience of 1-stop shopping for your DJ, Event Lighting, Tent Lighting, Chandelier Installations, and Photo Booth rentals.  Why deal with 2 or 3 vendors when our team can handle it all for you?

How unique is your wedding DJ?  Check out their past work on their Pinterest Boards, Facebook posts and stalk them on Instagram.  If they don’t have a social media presence, how much experience do they really have?  Do their posts show a variety of work or the same photo at every wedding that they do?   Just like in looking for a wedding photographer, if all their images look the same – they probably aren’t really very unique.  Their social media images should make you want to be at that wedding or on that dance floor.  Listening to their music mixes should make you want to get off the couch and dancing around your living room.   Talking with them about your wedding plans should not feel like a chore but energize you so you can’t wait until your wedding day arrives.

The great thing is – you can check out potential DJs past reviews – don’t just look to see if they have 4 or 5-star reviews – really READ THEM.  If someone says they had a great time at their wedding is not the same as them RAVING ABOUT THEIR CHOICE IN DJs.  Don’t end up with a DJ Horror Story because you thought to save $300 was the right choice.  A truly unique wedding DJ is going to cost more than an average DJ in your area.   Think about it – if a DJ is great, aren’t they worth more?  You’ll find that most wedding DJs will charge what they are worth.   They will be in demand and will have their rates reflect their ability in creating memories to last a lifetime.   It only costs a little more to go first class, but once you fly first class – you never want to get packed into coach again.

Good luck with finding your unique wedding DJ.  They are out there – you just need to do a little research.  Schedule a call with them.  Be willing to pay a little more and have a great time at your wedding!

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