Want To Make Your Own Slide Slow?

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If you’re computer savy, do we have some FREE software for you.

Google offers a FREE copy of their Picasa software.  Simply load your photos, create a movie and burn it to DVD or upload it directly to YouTube.

We rent video screens and projector.  Save $ and create the slide show yourself – or we can do it for you for a nominal fee.

I am a big fan of Animoto as well.  Clean transitions.  More modern feel v. powerpoint.

Here is a slide show we put together with Animoto for one of our wedding couples:  VIDEO

A slide show, whether run on loop in the background near the bar all night or presented on a 10′ video screen during dinner can be an emotional moment at your wedding.  Anytime you can bring your personality into your wedding is a good thing. Your friends and family will love it.

Warning:  MAKE IT SHORT.  No one wants to sit through a 20 minute video.  Try to keep it somewhere between 3 – 8 minutes.  Only use the best pictures.  One baby picture is enough :).