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Planning The Perfect Wedding Reception

Wedding Disc Jockeys In Connecticut: A perfect wedding day takes planning.  It doesn’t just happen.  You can’t gloss over the details and expect your wedding reception to be special or unique.  You are going to have to make some decisions.  Working with exceptional Connecticut wedding vendors is a must when the success of your reception hangs in the balance.

Let’s be serious – you can’t expect great wedding photos if you are paying half of what an average wedding photographer charges in Connecticut.  The same goes when it comes to your Connecticut wedding entertainment / disc jockey.   A great wedding DJ comes at a cost.  Of course you get what you pay for – a $600 CT wedding DJ is probably  not as good as a CT wedding DJ charging 3x that amount.  Don’t you think the $600 DJ would charge more if they were worth any more?

Without a great Connecticut wedding DJ – your guests might not dance as much.  They might leave early or you could be embarrassed by their corny DJ antics.  Your DJ will act as the voice of your wedding.  Picking the cheapest DJ you can find on the web or not interviewing a few DJs will only guarantee that you don’t have the best wedding reception that you could have had.  Don’t you deserve the best?

Let’s talk about the key parts of your wedding day & Connecticut reception.

The Ceremony

Many Connecticut couples are opting to forego the traditional church ceremony and choosing a more casual on-site ceremony.  What can your CT wedding DJ provide for your on-site wedding ceremony?  I’m sure you want your family and friends to hear you exchange your vows.  Providing a portable PA system and multiple microphones is required.  Your officiate needs a microphone.  For best results, it is recommended that a wireless lavaliere microphone be provide for one of you as well.  Having a reader during your ceremony?  They will need a microphone as well.

If your ceremony is outside where there is no power, a battery-powered PA system is required.  Everyone hates a ceremony if you can’t hear the emotion in your voice as you exchange your vows.  Your CT wedding DJ will help you with this.

Wedding Disc Jockeys In Connecticut – Picking Your Music

Cocktail Hour

Your cocktail hour music shouldn’t be unrecognizable or instrumental.  That is just boring.  Your cocktail hour music should help set the stage for your wedding day celebration.  Maybe some of your favorite music isn’t right for dancing.  It might be perfect for cocktails.  Boring slow music just might not be the right if you want to set things up for the party atmosphere later.  Your Connecticut wedding DJ can help you plan the perfect mix of music that reflects your personalities and style.  They could start with your Spotify playlist and offer suggestions to round out the feel and pace.


Most CT wedding couples want some for of formal introduction at their wedding.  In the past, a traditional wedding introduction would include your grandparents, parents and bridal party culminating with the two of you.

You can choose custom fun and upbeat music as background for your introductions.  You might want to strip things down a bit for your wedding introductions and just introduce the two of you instead.

Want a wrestling or sports themed introduction? No problem.  Maybe you are more low-key and want a more romantic love story introduction?  Those are all possible when working with a skilled professional CT Wedding MC and DJ.

First Dance

The latest rage is creating a custom mash-up for your first dance.  You take a typical slow first dance and mix it into something fun fast and maybe with dance steps choreographed.  This can really set the tone for your wedding reception.

The key to a great first dance is to pick a song that means something to the two of you (and not look awkward out there dancing together).  Maybe you’re not a great dancer and dance lessons are in need.  Or are you not into being the center of attention?  Your Connecticut wedding DJ can fade your first dance out early.

Looking for a list of the most popular wedding first dance songs? Check them out

Wedding Disc Jockeys In Connecticut – Wireless Microphone

Toasts / Speech

A memorable wedding toast is personal, maybe a bit humorous and should stir emotions in you and your guests.  It should not be offensive, long or inappropriate.  A great wedding toast is not meant to be 15 minutes long.

Having more than 2-3 people speak at your CT wedding reception can make things drag.  Guests only have about a 10 minute attention span. Keep toasts to a minimum.  Be short and succinct.  Your CT wedding DJ will help guide you on whether they suggest you split up toasts over the course of dinner to not slow up your meal service if they are all bunched up together at the start of dinner.

Dinner Music

When selecting your wedding dinner music, it’s very similar to your cocktail hour music. Your CT wedding DJ will most likely suggest that there be a different feel between cocktails and dinner music (so as not to bore guests with the same style music for 2+ hours).  You might want to play something older for your parents and your older relatives (Motown, Classic Rock, 80’s) or something in line with your families backgrounds (Mob Hits for your Italian relatives, Salsa for your Spanish speaking relatives, Acoustic covers of popular songs).

If you want to promote dancing between courses (There is a natural 10-20 minute lag between one course of your wedding meal and the next) you might opt for something with a little beat to it.

A great Connecticut wedding DJ will know how to pace your party and feel out these natural spaces in the flow of your reception. They will fill it with simple dance-able music to give your reception more dance time.

A bad and unskilled wedding DJ will just stand there and play the same boring soft jazz and let your reception drag on.  They will do nothing during cocktails and dinner to help your party progress in the right direction.


There are some CT wedding venues that push their couples to cut their wedding cake later in the evening after dancing has started.  Just say no.  Once dancing gets started and the room lights are dimmed – DO NOT raise the lights until the party is over.  This just kills the party.  It will literally 20+ minutes to rebuild the energy in the room.  That’s 20 minutes of lost dance time. When the average wedding reception only has about 150 minutes of dance time to start with – that’s a huge loss.

Instead, opt to cut your cake between courses or immediately before dancing with your parents.

Parent Dances

When you take the dance floor with your father, there won’t be a dry eye in the room.  It’s an emotional moment for both you and your father that spills over to all of your guests.

Not into that 6 minute song your mom picked out for the two of you?: No worries – your CT wedding DJ can fade it out early or make a custom edit and shorten it for you.

Really into saving time?  Combine both of your parent dances with one song.  Or, invite all your guests to join you to kick off dancing.  A great CT wedding DJ can stage your guests around you to setup amazing photo ops and to kick-start your dancing.    See some of the more popular contemporary father / daughter dance songs.

This Is Where Your Wedding Disc Jockeys In Connecticut Should Shine


Your guests won’t react to songs they don’t know.  Think about that as you create your playlist suggestions for your CT wedding DJ.  The same goes for over-remixed versions of songs or songs that are just not dance-able.  We call those floor-killers.  A song might be great to crank up in your car while on a road trip, but you need to think about what songs or styles of music will get the two of you and your family and friends out of their seats and onto the dance floor.

Be sure to give your CT DJ some leeway to play off of the energy on the dance floor.  Locking your CT wedding disc jockey to a strict list of music might just be the kiss of death for your dance floor.

By all means, offer up songs and styles of music that you absolutely DO NOT WANT PLAYED.  Want to know what the most banned songs are at weddings?  Read Here.

The End

Think about how the two of you want to end your Connecticut Wedding Reception.  Maybe you were debating between two first dance songs – using the other as your LAST SONG might just be the perfect compromise.  Or, maybe you want to end on a high note?  Find a fast and fun song and use that.  Your CT wedding disc jockey can help you design a list set of songs (2-4 songs) to really customize the end of your wedding day.

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