Wedding DJ Horror Stories

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Best Wedding DJ Horror Stories

Over the past few years, we have had the opportunity to see many other DJs as we provided a photo booth or event lighting services (and not DJ). I wanted to tell you a few of the best horror stories that we had to live through.

  • Wedding at The Society Room of Hartford – we were providing the event up-lighting and watched as the other area DJ had guests circle the dance floor and they introduced the couple into their circle of friends and family for their first dance. Everyone is standing there – BUT NO MUSIC. We timed it – it took that DJ over 2 minutes to get their first dance to play. The couple stood there embarrassed in the center of friends and family. That is a moment they will never forget.
  • We were hired by a local area DJ to provide photo booth and up-lighting at The Log Cabin for his wedding. He had a buddy of his that did some DJing provide the entertainment. Unfortunately, his computer was acting up and he could not get his DJ software to run. At one point, he was struggling to play music off if iTunes. No backup computer and the wedding came to a screeching halt until one of my staff stepped in and help resolve the problem.
  • A few years back, I was at a multi-room facility with three weddings going on at the same time. As I was starting my social hour music, one of the managers came running into me asking where my other DJ was. One of the other room’s DJ had not shown up and guests were arriving for the ceremony already. We quickly cleared up the fact that it was not one of my DJs missing but of another area company with a similar company name. They decided to not show up until after social hour because they had not been hired by the couple to provide music or microphones for the ceremony. Yeah, that was a mistake – you never setup DJ gear while guests are already there.
  • I was at the Waterview providing photo booth for an afternoon wedding a couple years back and I actually knew the DJ from CT who was providing services for this couple. He was set up downstairs for their ceremony – but he was using THE SAME GEAR as he needed upstairs so when the ceremony was done, he had to haul his gear THROUGH GUESTS to reset it upstairs. There was about a twenty-minute gap in music – DEAD AIR as he rushed to set up and provide cocktail hour music. We always have a completely independent system for the ceremony and separate speakers for the social hour so that we never have to move gear or do sound checks while your guests are in the building.
  • I was in downtown Hartford providing lighting services for a wedding and the entertainment had the facility TURN UP THE HOUSE LIGHTS, they stopped everyone from dancing and announced that it was time for the bride to toss her bouquet. The problem was that the bride was outside taking photos at the time – AND she DIDN’T want to toss her bouquet. They killed the dance floor for nothing. We always touch base with you, your parents and other wedding vendors BEFORE we ever make an announcement that something is about to happen to avoid awkward moments like this at your wedding.

OK, so clearly just hiring someone to provide music for your wedding reception is NOT ENOUGH for what you really need. Ready to find out what a Wedding Event Director can do for your wedding v. other lesser known area DJs? Give Rob a call at 413-562-2632 today.

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