Your Wedding Vendor Team v. Overwatch

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Your Wedding Vendor Team v. Overwatch

Your Wedding Vendor Team Overwatch: During our busy season May-Oct, we are working just about every day.  We might be in the office answering calls, emails, and preparing wedding quotes.  Maybe we are cleaning up and preparing DJ gear for an upcoming event or putting away last weekend’s wedding DJ gear.  We are also doing wedding lighting installations on Thursdays and Fridays and striking wedding tent lighting Sunday and Mondays.  Yes – it’s not just a weekend part-time job for us.  We are dedicated to making sure your wedding goes EXACTLY AS PLANNED.

But – in our slower winter wedding months, there isn’t as much to do during the week – no multiple lighting installations and once quotes and emails have been returned, we are really on standby waiting for the next wedding client to reach out to us.  That leaves me with lots of time to binge watch Netflix and play Overwatch.  It’s starting to become a bit of an obsession for me now.

“We had DJ Jim from Rob Alberti’s. He was so easy to work with and his vast experience made the planning progress super easy. Our ceremony and reception went off without any hitches – much because of how well Jim did. I recommend this company..”

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After playing Overwatch, there is a resounding theme that comes to mind, if you are working with the wrong mix of team members – you are going to lose.  No tanks, no healers, and just snipers – and your Overwatch team is destined to fail.  Even before we leave the spawn area at the start of the game, I can take a look at our team lineup and between the experience level and character make-up of our team, I can just about predict WIN v. LOSE every time.

The same goes for your wedding vendor team.   Your friend taking your wedding photos?  Think that Craigslist videographer is going to give you the same thing at 1/2 the price of the average wedding filmmaker?  Trying to manage your own wedding music playlist?  Expecting that club DJ to handle your announcements like a pro when they can barely say anything discernable over the mic?  No one handling your sound needs for your exchange of vows?  Trying to hang your own tent lighting?  Yep – there are going to be issues.

“We had the best time ever with rob! So easy to work with and really just handled the evening! Everybody had a great time dancing and he sent us a beautiful recording of our ceremony that I really love!”

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On the other hand, put that 6-person Overwatch team together with  Reinhardt, D.Va, Moira, Bastion, Tracer, and Hanzo and you have an amazing chance at dominating the game.    If we are handling your DJ and Lighting needs (and maybe even your photo booth rental), then we have a dedicated 4-person staff on hand to take care of anything for you.   Just like in Overwatch, sometimes you need to switch characters to get through a tough spot – if the team is caught in a choke point, sometimes you have to switch things up and bring in a Roadhog or Soldier 76 and mix things up.  Our 4 person team can interchange so if there is something wrong with the photo booth printer or your wedding DJ needs someone to track down your mom before cake cutting – we quickly can help each other out so there are no issues on your wedding day.

Add in a great wedding photographer and wedding planner (and don’t forget that florist you love and wedding filmmaker who brought tears to your eyes when you saw their work) and your wedding will SHINE above all the rest.

No $600 craigslist DJ or club jockey is going to bring your party to life (and handle all the behind the scenes details like multiple sound systems, or multiple room layout) like we can.

Listen to what your wedding might sound like with DJ Rob Alberti’s dance sets
Your Wedding Vendor Team Overwatch

I was out to a wedding DJ training seminar out Boston way and I was amazed at how few of the wedding DJs were capable of handling a multi-room venue or wireless speaker for outdoor cocktails.  These are some of the things even our youngest staff wedding DJs have (in order to even qualify to work for us).

“Rob helped deliver an incredible experience. We were able to give him the style of music we were looking for and the tone that we were hoping to go for and Rob delivered. We received many compliments on the music but really that credit goes to Rob. In addition to being very personable Rob was very flexible.”

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It always kills me when we see a wedding couple that is willing to spend $6,000 on their lighting but only thinks that the DJ should cost $1,000 or less.  Or, they go crazy on the decor but have their aunt bake their cake or friend with their entry-level camera take their wedding photos.  I completely understand that every one of our couples has a wedding budget and there are national sites that tell you how much you should be spending, but let’s think about it – if a wedding DJ is only charging $1,000 compared to another that is asking $1,600-$2,000 – the real question you should be asking is IF THAT $1,000 wedding DJ were WORTH MORE, WOULDN’T THEY BE CHARGING A PRICE MORE IN-LINE WITH THE OTHER?

What I would suggest is think of the 3 most important aspects of your wedding – whether it be flowers, food, photography or entertainment and GET THE BEST (and probably most expensive) in those categories.  If the cake doesn’t mean much compared to a great wedding film, then a bigger portion of your overall wedding budget should go to getting the best filmmaker you can find.  If you cringe at the potential of guests leaving early and not dancing, then when deciding between an $800 part-time DJ and that $1600 professional DJ, it might just make sense to allocate your wedding budget accordingly.

If you were better than AVERAGE at your job, wouldn’t you expect to get paid a BETTER THAN AVERAGE wage?  (or you’d be out looking for another job, right?).  I know our millennial wedding couples think they can make decisions about their wedding vendors without even talking to anyone based on price alone, but not every wedding DJ or wedding lighting designer is going to deliver the same quality work on the day of your wedding.  Ask questions, demand to hear audio recordings of actual wedding events and not just view that slick 30-second video promo.  You deserve the best at your wedding.  Demand it.  Expect it.

We promise you – happy guests with tired feet OR YOUR MONEY BACK.

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