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Weddings At The Mount – The Berkshires Lenox, MA

Weddings at the Mount:  Did you see seasons 1 & 2 of “Ginny & Georgia” on Netflix? When Georgia got engaged at the end of season one, they 1st referred to “Wedding At The Mount”, I nearly launched straight off of my couch and hit the ceiling.  You see – we have been DJing weddings at The Mount (Edith Wharton’s Home) in Lenox, MA for years!   Some of our favorite wedding lighting installations were for our Mount brides.

The Mount was the home of Edith Wharton in Lenox, MA in the heart of the Berkshires.  Edith Wharton was an American author (The Age of Innocence, Ethan Frome, The House of Mirth).

Plan Your Wedding At The Mount In Lenox MA

Whether you are having an intimate ceremony in the Italian Garden or sprawling greenery and fountain in the French Flower Garden, The Mount is clearly in the background of your wedding photos.

Some of our weddings at The Mount use the Allie (outdoor space between tall shrubbery) for dinner al-fresco.  Others use the wrap-around terrace on The Mount for dinner and dancing.  Or, for our larger Mount weddings, dinner and dancing happen up near the stables under the tent.  Others, dance under the tent in the forecourt adjacent to the Edith Wharton Mansion. 

That’s the great thing about destination weddings in The Berkshires and The Mount – it’s the same venue, but you can use it in so many different ways to fit your wedding needs and style.


The Mount books up fast and with all the hype of being mentioned multiple times in the “Ginny & Georgia” Netflix series, it’s become even more desirable with most dates filling in more than a year in advance.


Having live musicians for your ceremony at The Mount?  Don’t forget that you are going to need microphones and a PA system so that your guests can hear the emotion as you exchange vows.  Our ceremony systems are battery-powered, so there is never a need to run hundreds of feet of ugly extension cords to power our sound system.  We don’t rely on just 1 wireless microphone for your audio needs.  We would typically have a clip-on lavalier microphone for your officiate and a 2nd wireless mic to hear the two of you as you exchange vows.  Having any readers or doing seven blessings?  We have a hand-held wireless mic on a microphone stand for that too!


Your cocktail hour will be in a separate space from where your dinner and dancing will occur.  No worries – we will have a separate sound system ready to go with your favorite tunes to set the perfect tone for your guests during your social hour.


As your wedding guests transition from cocktails to your dining area, we will have yet another sound system set up and ready to go, complete with a wireless microphone for your toasts.  We always recommend having a different style of music picked out for your dinner time (v. what you played at social hour) Many couples think that they need mellow (or instrumental) music in the background for dinner.  As a wedding DJ with decades of wedding experience, we actually recommend exactly the opposite.  We want to warm up your wedding guests for dancing.  We don’t want to put them to sleep with classical music or instrumental music.  We want them tapping their feet and singing along to a mix of great tunes during dinner.  Heck, if your guests want to get up between courses and dance to the music, all the better! We are there to facilitate the fun and energy at your wedding at The Mount.


We love lighting weddings at The Mount.  There are so many options and styles of lighting that we can provide our Mount couples.  Check out a quick presentation that we put together of the lighting services we offer.

From bistro string lighting to our dense twinkle light patterns and chandeliers, we can find the perfect fit for your wedding vision at The Mount.  Lenox (as well as most Berkshire Wedding locations) requires that a licensed electrician pulls electrical permits from the town (and is subject to inspection from their wire inspector) for all our Berkshire wedding lighting installations.  Don’t worry – we have licensed electricians that work directly on our staff of wedding lighting installers. 

Rob Alberti Events Wedding Lighting Options by Rob Alberti


Every one of our couples wants to host a big dance party for their wedding at The Mount.  Whether you have a band and just need our DJ to handle band breaks or play styles of music your wedding band can’t replicate OR, if you need us from your first dance through the last song of the evening – our Luxury Wedding DJs can bring your party to the next level.  We don’t rely on over-played cliché wedding songs or line dances. We don’t talk between every song and we definitely won’t be in the middle of your dance floor fist pumping – we rely on our skill as a DJ and MC to keep the energy high on the dance floor without resorting to cheesy DJ antics.  We will create the perfect blend of music to fit your style, personalities and avoid those songs on your “No Play List”.


We don’t want you to be surprised on your wedding day.  That’s why all our DJs have samples of their work on our MixCloud accounts.  On our MixCloud account – you can hear many different styles of music – all blended to keep your dance floor energized and your guests up and dancing.


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