Why Should You Have An Eco-Friendly Wedding?

  |   Wedding Planning Ideas

Whether you are earth-conscious or not-so-much, going green is always a good thing. It can help out the cost of your wedding and even the expenses of your bridal party and guests. Eco-friendly weddings may get some speculations, but in the end it really helps you out! Here are a few out of so many reasons to make your special day more “green”:

  • The overall most obvious reason is that it is better for the earth. Having recycling bins in your reception venue or using recycled paper for your invitations are simple ways of giving back to the earth.
  • A venue closer to the majority of your guests saves a lot of gas on your end and theirs as well. Gas prices are high nowadays so you’d be surprised to see how much money will be saved.
  • Homemade and eco-friendly decorations, invitations, place cards etc. can bring down your expenses big time.
  •  Getting the right kind of flowers-believe it or not- can be a big help to the earth. You should learn what flowers are in bloom in your local area and make sure they are not grown with any chemicals.

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