Will Wedding Receptions Be Allowed In 2021?

Will Wedding Receptions Be Allowed In 2021?

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Will Wedding Receptions Be Allowed In 2021?

Couples want to know – will wedding receptions be allowed in 2021?  The simple answer is YES. Of course there will be state restrictions in place, but love is not canceled like it was in 2020.    There will be dancing and open bars and celebrating.  There will probably still be mask wearing and some version of social distancing, but restrictions are being lifted.

This ad from Match pretty much sums up what happened to the wedding industry in 2020. We were able to work Jan and Feb (off season weddings) and then had a quick opening Aug – Oct where outdoor weddings were allowed and couples rushed to squeeze in their Plan B or C weddings – most of which were backyard tented weddings.

Will Wedding Venues Open in 2021?

NY State has lead the way with allowing 50% capacity indoors as long as guests are tested prior to your wedding.  We anticipate that MA/CT will also follow suit with this style plan for reopening weddings.

Of course, outdoor venues and tented weddings will still be the preferred wedding venues of 2021.  Both you and your guests will probably feel safer with outdoor spaces for the foreseeable future.   Even with the vaccine rollout, it will take a bit of time before everyone feels safe traveling, staying in hotels, and socializing in larger groups (indoors).

Will Weddings Happen In 2021?

Yes – it’s time to start planning your wedding.  2021 and 2022 are going to be SO BUSY with weddings that were postponed from 2020 on top of the normal amount of weddings we typically have on our schedule of events.  What does that mean for couples planning on getting married this year or next?  You need to secure your wedding vendors ASAP as we can only fit so many weddings into our already busy schedule.

You see – there are only 24 prime wedding dates each year and there are only so many wedding DJs, photographers, and venues available on each of those prime wedding dates.  You might need to rethink your plans and find a non-prime wedding date such as Thursday, Sunday, or Monday or off-season wedding dates such as Nov – Apr.

“Rob was able to set the perfect tone of our wedding through music.
The lighting and music were perfect. Rob helped make our day look and sound just the way we wanted. He was professional and kept everything moving on time and in a seamless fashion.”
Danielle – CT Wedding DJ

Will Wedding Venues Open In 2021?

We’ve heard of a few local MA/CT/RI wedding venues closing permanently due to the pandemic.  If you had your wedding planned for one of them, our deepest sympathy.  It is always devastating when a venue closes and leaves couples in the lurch.  Don’t worry – there is hope.  Not all venues are going to make it, but most of them will weather this storm and come out the other side ready to help you celebrate.  

Will Wedding Restrictions Be Lifted in 2021?

No – each state will still have some restrictions for gatherings such as weddings, so please check with your venue and official state restrictions.    We expect these restrictions will be fluid and changing based on the vaccine rollout, herd immunity, and rates of infection, but don’t despair.  Your wedding can still move forward.  I hate to use the word, but we all need to be ready to pivot and make changes to plans if the need arises.  We do not expect that there will be a complete lockdown again and love is not canceled for 2o21.

Hear How We Keep Guests On The Dance Floor
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“We worked with DJ Pat. We couldn’t have been happier. From the start Rob was quick to respond and got us set up with a DJ that fit our style. Pat then was great about keeping us on our timeline and meeting us on days that worked for us ( we were out of state) to checking in the week before the wedding, sending samples of songs we requested to make sure they were the right versions. The wedding itself was great! Jesse was a hit at the Photo Booth, and Pat kept the guests dancing all night long. Thank you again!!!”
Alicia – Berkshire MA Wedding DJ

Will Wedding Numbers Increase?

You probably won’t see wedding guest counts of 200+ this year, but with NY’s announcement, we are hopeful for 150 person weddings and maybe even higher if trends keep moving in the right direction.  You might need to have a Plan A, B, and C still for your guest list if you are on the higher guest count, but 150 or less, and you should be confident that things should be OK for you.

You’ll have to still consider travel bans (especially overseas) so if your guest list has a lot of out of country guests, you might want to hold off until 2022 or consider a hybrid model for your wedding with both in-person and online guests.   We offer live-streaming services if you need someone to manage that for you. 

Will Weddings Be Back To Normal In 2021?

We are hopeful for summer and fall weddings this year looking relatively normal in design and style.  Again, there will still probably have to be some version of testing or screening of guests, masks, and social distancing concerns, but cue the music and hit the dance floor.  Weddings are going to be back in 2021.  Screw you Covid-19.  

“Great DJ Service!
Rob Alberti’s Event Services worked out great for us. Rob was exceedingly responsive, and was able to quickly adjust to our needs as our plans evolved. Their digital services for communicating with customers and keeping track of the conversation threads is top-notch. DJ Justin worked our event. We paid only for the DJ services, and got just what we expected. The detailed form we filled out beforehand was great for setting the stage. Justin was excellent. He was very friendly and accommodating, and spent good quality time with us on the phone before the event to make sure he knew precisely what we were after. He geared the music selections accordingly, and was able to adapt during the event, as specific requests were made regarding particular songs, timing, and styles. Thanks for helping to make our wedding such a memorable event! Happy to recommend Rob Alberti’s services.”
Eric H. – Western MA Wedding DJ

What Do You Do Now?

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Will Wedding Receptions Be Allowed In 2021?
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